Natalie Hopes

creative  photographer

For me, becoming a photographer was not something I planned on. I knew that I had a love for it but I never intended on making a career out of it. It wasn't until my first semester of college that I realized I didn't want to study anything else. I love all photography but portrait photography is my true passion. Being able to document life how it is right now is something that's important to me.

On this site you can see my work.

Ben Hopes


My first words were "Feature Presentation," the phrase that accompanied every VHS tape and DVD of most movies made in the late 90s/early 2000s. In writing about, watching, or making my own movies, I am able to relate to the world and to find my own place in it. I have told stories my whole life and movies are the medium through which very little gets lost in translation.

I dream in film; by committing myself to these projects, I hope to make my dreams into living, breathing realities.

On this site you can see my work.


 Salt Lake City / Utah /Gittens Gallery/ 2018

Salt Lake City/ Utah/ Utah State Fair/ Honorable Mention/2018

Salt Lake City/ Utah/ Gittens Gallery/ 2019

   Salt Lake City/ Utah/ Pop Up Exhibition/ 2019

                                          Salt Lake City/ Best in show Utah state fair/ 2019 

                        Portland/ Oregon/ Black Box Gallery: Vision Color Photography/ 2019

                           Portland/ Oregon/ Black Box Gallery: Portrait Photography/ 2019 

                                          Salt Lake City/ Marriott Library Showcase/ 2019

                                       Salt Lake City Utah/ INFRA Solo Exhibition Show/ 2020

                                    Salt Lake City/ Gittens Gallery: Social Distance Show/ 2020

                                       Salt Lake City/ Gittens Gallery: Senior Showcase/2020

Sugar House/ Fan Art Exhibition/ 2020

FotoFika/ All Stars/ 2020

Social Media

Instagram/ @highhopesv_p and @nathopes @benn_hopes

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