Mirrors represent the human desire to see and reflect on their deepest thoughts about themselves. My work deals with the human body, and in consequence human existence. Placing bodies in locations with bright lights and glass windows allows them to view the world in front of them and behind them at the same time. When the boundaries between reality and illusion become one, the world is viewed differently, but only for as long as you stand in front of the window. My photographs create and allow this illusion to flourish and remain infinite..


We are all responsible for the preservation of our personal joy; but happiness is different. Joy is not circumstantial, happiness is. You can be depressed and still have joy. You can be suicidal and still have joy. We all stop thinking, we all stop talking, we all stop sharing, we all stop creating, because by doing any of these things we quickly find out just how unhappy we are. But that's okay. That's normal. Don't let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what it is you believe. Since joy is found in belief, we all have to push through unhappiness to find joy.


American junk food is not just part of our diet, it epitomizes our cultural ideals and social norms. The guilty pleasure of enjoying a McDonald's hamburger, a big slice of pizza, or a glazed donut; the American appetite is set on a path of consumption, devouring everything until we are left with nothing but inconsequential garbage. I strive to provoke reflection on a mass-consumption, mass-production culture, where the negative aspects of overindulgence are deliberately forgotten or ignored. My work questions a culture that equates fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness with a cheap, fast, and out of control lifestyle.


Those of us who suffer with mental health problems know that there is neither a one-size-fits-all solution nor is there an easy way to describe what we're going through. We each experience different feelings of isolation, loneliness, and despair. Hopefully, through discovering meaningful activities and people who we can genuinely care for, we can learn to manage our feelings, learning to recognize what they are and how we can give them the appropriate weight that they require without letting them drag us all the way down.

Performance art 

My work focuses on performed photography, a photograph becoming the act of expression itself. My photos are staged solely for the purpose of being photographed. The space in which the photographs are taken becomes the only space in which my performance occurs.

The Great Pretender

This series of soft out of focus photographs take a cue from the pictorialist movement. I used these poses to represent the fierce stage present that Mercury had but using a sad expression to reveal Mercury’s lonely inner world.


Disneyland 2018, Disneyland 1975

Gum printing 

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