Does the mirror show what you want to see or what is?

Updated: May 16, 2019

First we must understand that, physically, mirrors reflect light and thus reflect the world around us. Spiritually, light has symbolic attachment to illumination, awareness, and wisdom. Therefore, in terms of spiritual symbolism, mirrors reflect the truth. They reflect what is. In contrast, Photography is ultimately a substitute for reality. What you see on social media versus what you see in the mirror can be two very different things. The photographs help viewers access the reality of the performance of mirrors reflecting “the truth”.

Natalie: My work focuses on performed photography, a photograph becoming the act of expression itself. My photos are staged solely for the purpose of being photographed. The space in which the photographs are taken becomes the only space in which my performance occurs.

Mirrors represent the human desire to see and to reflect on that which they desire. My work deals with the human body, and in consequence, human existence. Placing bodies in spaces with only a mirror in front of them allows them to view themselves as they become more vulnerable. When the boundaries between reality and illusion, authentic and fake, disappear, we are left without the judgments and safeties of society’s fixed frameworks. My photographs point towards an interpretation of the vulnerability humans feel when gazing into mirrors.

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