Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There is a fine line between terrifying and exciting; graduating from college is one of the few moments in life where you tip back and forth between the two like a bad gas gauge in a rusty car: reading full one moment and then, in an almost joyous free fall, empty. All that we have done and all that we are going to do with the time left to us becomes more tangible on graduation day. Our plans are no longer abstract ideas but physical goals towards which we shall wander and wonder.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

- - - - - "Ulysses," Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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