Sandy Claws is Coming to Town

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

I'm not much for Christmas celebrations - the image I have of myself throughout winter is that of Charlie Brown moping to the great Vince Guaraldi tune, "Christmas Time Is Here," a Wes Anderson film-character out of place during times of great and unabashed cheer. But I love the lights and the way that the snow makes them live and breathe, and I love the characters that Christmas stories can create: people who often reach the end of their rope and, instead of collapsing inwards like a Christmas star supernova, resolve to become better in the new year. Christmas time is a gift because it is the present in its most spectacular now-ness: We look back upon the year that we've had and hope for a brighter future, and we enjoy the friends, and the coco, and the way that the snow can be so blasted cold and so delightfully magical, and when it's gone, we wish that it was December all over again. I'm not much for Christmas celebrations, but I am for the love that it represents.

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