The Great Pretender

Updated: May 16, 2019

Natalie: Heroes get remembered, legends never die. Freddie Mercury was a powerhouse lead singer for Queen. Mercury’s unparalleled voice and flamboyance energy has been passed down for generations. His flamboyance was hidden during an era where masculinity was more fluid in the way that it was dressed but rigidly enforced by society norms and expectations. You could dress the way you wanted but you need to act the way your gender is supposed to according to society. I chose to dress a girl as Freddie Mercury because despite all his insecurities the way he presented himself to the world became a symbol of empowerment despite your sexual orientation.

This series of soft out of focus photographs take a cue from the pictorialist movement. I used these poses to represent the fierce stage present that Mercury had but using a sad expression to reveal Mercury’s lonely inner world.

Digital, 35 mm film, Bromoil.

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